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*waits for the sky to fall down*

Although just because I'm posting work here don't expect me to be moving house anytime soon! LJ is still my home for now... if only DA gave me email updates then I might be on here a bit more, I'ma lazy you see :P

Join me, :iconalita-b-angel: and :iconqueencattabby: on our Dev-A-Day challenge! JOIN US HUHUHUHUHUUUU!!! Next up is you, Anna :)
Yes I have an account. No, I dont use it much :(

Well, not yet. Theres actually heaps of stuff I could potentially post up here, but I have an irrational fear of people finding out my weird obsessions and kooky ideas that usually come out in my drawings. Meh. We'll see how I handle this new system of figuring out how to do things.

Til then, I shall continue to lurk and go abouit my business.